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New sunscreen could prevent damage to skin's DNA

UK scientists from the University of Newcastle are developing a new sun lotion that can protect DNA against damage caused by the sun's rays and could replace standard creams that have been criticised by the consumer organisation Which? for failing to protect against skin cancer. The new lotion would be graded according to its ability to protect DNA, rather than by the sun protection factor used by standard creams. The scientists have found a way to measure damage to DNA in the skin caused by ultra-violet light, which will enable them to select chemical and ingredients for the lotion that will shield DNA against damage. Around 1,700 people die from the most deadly form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma, each year.

Acupuncture recommended for children with cerebral palsy

Acupuncture should be used to help improve the mobility of children with cerebral palsy, according to Chinese experts who studied 33 children with the condition. The researchers conducted daily tongue acupuncture and sham acupuncture over an eight-week period, and improvements in movement were seen with both procedures. The movement scores in those with acupuncture rose from 78. 82 to 82. 99, compared with an increase from 65. 35 to 67. 29 after the sham acupuncture. Writing in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, the authors called for further research to determine whether starting acupuncture "in the early phase of brain injury will affect the final functional outcome".

Pomegranate juice may prevent need for bypass surgery

A glass of pomegranate juice each day could be effective at fighting heart disease, according to new research. Experts at the Lipid Research Laboratory, Haifa, Israel, conducted biochemical tests showing that pomegranate juice can reduce by half the size of atherosclerotic lesions - which narrow arteries and can lead to heart disease - as well as combat "bad" cholesterol. The juice can also reduce blood pressure, and doubles the amount of antioxidants in the blood. Pomegranate juice contains flavonoids, which are also found in red wine, green tea and cranberry juice, and is full of vitamins A, C and E. Biochemist Dr Michael Aviram believes that high-risk patients could potentially be spared bypass surgery "simply by drinking pomegranate juice", and the charity Heart UK has now endorsed a pomegranate drink.

Asthma sufferers more at risk of COPD





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