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The Life Pass Card

At the heart of the Wellbeing Network is a card that can seriously improve your life – which means that it is definitely not a credit card! You can’t even apply for one, because they are given by Wellbeing Network

Practitioners by invitation only to people who are serious about personal development and growth. The Life Pass is given free, as a gift, to those who would really use and appreciate the range of benefits it provides.

In a fast moving world where time is our most precious commodity, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own Life Style Assistant to help you make the most of each precious minute? Someone to ensure that a good relaxing massage, a facial or one of hundreds of different ways of pampering yourself , is efficiently organised and waiting for you once you leave the office.

And if you are late, to reorganise things around your hectic schedule? his is just one of the many services in preparation for the launch of the service later in 2004. To make sure you are one of the first to hear more, register for the Wellbeing Network ezine now.

Pre-order your copy of
Behind with the Laundry and Living off Chocolate:
Life Changing Strategies for Busy Women
Lynette Allen
Published on 4th October 2004

Crown House Publishing

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